Jenna-Lynn (manicepiphany) wrote,

sometimes saturday mornings

Sometimes Saturday mornings find me bird watching in the living room. Feeders flood with finches and blue jays and weird birds I don’t know their names. I sit in stagnant left over spoiled air collecting thoughts about flying. I wish the bird feeder was actually inside the house so the birds would fly even closer to me. I so want to touch them and teach them tricks. Have you ever sat to ponder birds and their business? What busy beaks they have! From here I see one that is very different from the rest. He has huge tufts and his belly is yellow though the rest of him is fire-engine red. I imagine he is the king of his bird castle, somewhere in bird land. I bet he is the announcer to all the bird games and events. I wonder what his family is like or if he even has a family. Wow! He just butted the blue jay out of line! “Touché”, the blue jay cawed out as he backed away from the feeder. All this merriment found on the couch on a Saturday morning.
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