Jenna-Lynn (manicepiphany) wrote,

amber update

cancer comes and collects and infects those around like ladys who flock around the same cycle. the bombs beat us daily but the "us" did not even notice. then there are those who remain 3 c;s constantly. cool calm collect their vallum or collamity in whatever form or scriitpt can be writ while a 12 year old is impregnated by peace no wait... more like a piece of something leathal or illegal. allegedly leading to a cooperate confusion debate over a prostate inlarger larger than life legacy..... and what about the yous and the mes and the dosey does of the babies which all my old friends have. all grown up in lace or maybe married if they want to be but not me.... no i dont think i could ever truly be happy in this town with so many phoneys or phooey framed falsities.

i miss the motion by the ocean and i miss everything angry. all this settling makes me sea sick so much nausea i want to pee puke chunks in great amounts. ahh angsty beauty... dead boys and girls i want you inside me forever and ever to lick love and cradle... every angle every pin pricked blood line memory... you can take whatever you want of them or me but please leave the bitter sweet memories...
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