Jenna-Lynn (manicepiphany) wrote,

February 5, 2010

Wispy winds, you make me feel on fire today. Blatantly these days have been acting the aftermath and overflow of left over angst particles which, have resulted in years of past encounters or well, reflections of snap shot nouns, deconstructed and stored.

Days like in these drip fragmented memories from sour brain pockets and collect in stagnant pools of water. They May contain pieces of fermented passion and have been pushed to the utmost edges of the human consciousness.

Alas! The remains of human contact carry such diseases. What crafty connections have come and gone. They somehow find a way to linger forever and chomp away at the soul. Oh ex-lover, the forgotten friend, the wish upon a shooting star that came 15 years too late. Oh what silly motives must have the master of fate.

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