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Picture says it all but I still want to say more

It is so much harder to express your insides When you know you have a child asleep in the room next to yours. Your world turns out from inside and a freaks out. every thing you thought was, is not.

There is a beauty about it. a beauty that envelops your soul and sets you free. a beauty that lets you relive youth again. There is also the fear that anything that was ever bad, could happen and could happen to your small, delicate And beautiful creation that is thus, a part of you.

There is the urgency to be home on time. There is the urgency to put them first in all that you do. There is the urgency that if you make one fatal mistake, it will hurt them for a long time.

Still, you choose to walk on the line of Uncertainty And throw the dice every day.

It's nice that in my world I am close and quiet and safe. But there are so many yesterdays I wish I could relive. And so many yesterdays that are dead and gone. I miss so much and have gained so more. I just want to be close to my yesterday's one more time. What's unmarked Is uncertain. Uncertainty thrills me. And this too shall pass.

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